" Design is the silent ambassador of your brand. " – Paul Ryan

A dedicated UX Designer with keen interests in Typography, Visual Design, and Web Development

the abc's of Helvetica
Responsive Web Design Project with Typography, Visual Design. Helvetica | Neue Haas Grotesk is a widely used sans-serif typeface developed in 1957 by Swiss typeface designer Max Miedinger with input from Eduard Hoffmann.
Typography, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, RWD
Interactive Piano
Vue.js Project – AJAX imports external data and Vue.js manages/edits data in real-time.
Interaction Design, JavaScript, HTML&CSS
Interactive iPhones Demo
HTML/CSS & JavaScript(jQuery) Project - by using jQuery to toggle/change CSS classes
Interaction Design, JavaScript, HTML&CSS
Interactive Name Card
HTML&CSS Project— Interactive Name Card Design
Interaction Design, HTML&CSS
E-Collective Concert
ATEC Team's Creation to Add Interactive Harmony to Jazz Artist's Show.
Photography & Projection Mapping
The ArtSciLab is a transdisciplinary research lab carrying out national and international collaborations of work that focuses on the hybridization of art and science.
Graphic Design & Research
de stijl alphabet
De Stijl, Dutch for "The Style", also known as Neoplasticism, was a Dutch art movement founded in 1917.
Graphic Design, Typography
CDASH Logo Design
CDASH – Curriculum Development in the Arts, Sciences, and Humanities. A gateway to helping universitiesopen their own artscience centers.
Graphic Design & Research
BHP Redesign
Bureau of Health Promotions (BHP), is a government department in my country Taiwan. However, BHP’s logo is included in the list of “15 Inadvertently Lewd Company Logos”.
User Experience & Research
Logo Analysis
Use design principles to review and analyze the pros and cons of Carrefour logo.
Graphic Design & Research
Gut Feeling Logo Design
Those butterflies in your stomach, where do they come from? When you make the decision to pick your life partner, why you so sure?
Graphic Design & Research
Design Principles
Survey over 100 design principles applicable to nearly every design profession.
Graphic Design & Research
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